Benefits of Both Dark & White Chicken Meat | Bring Home The Bacon

Benefits of Both Dark & White Chicken Meat

The famous dispute regarding white meat and dark meat has been happening since fowls became cultivated for food thousands of years ago. On one hand, some people don’t care for dark meat, while others worship its features. On the other hand, some individuals eat white meat religiously, while others think it’s bland and dry. Exactly what's the difference between white meat and dark meat? To establish an answer, we must take a look at the content of the chicken.

Benefits of Both Dark & White Chicken Meat | Bring Home The Bacon

What's Is Chicken Made Of?

Chicken meat consists of two primary kinds of muscles: white fibers and red fibers. The white fiber is sedentary and only used for short-term activities and its fibers quickly transform carbohydrates present within the fibers into energy. Red fibers are used regularly to perform actions like standing or running and it is powered by fat from the fibers themselves, or from the bloodstream. Red muscle fibers receive their pigment from the proteins that promote the transformation of fat into energy, like myoglobin, which is loaded with iron.

White Meat Vs. Dark Meat What's The Difference?

White meat consists of the breast and wing segments of the chicken, is extremely lean, with a pronounced pale white shade when prepared with no seasoning. Dark meat is derived from the thigh and drumstick or the leg portion of the animal. Since chickens spend most of their time standing and use their limbs very frequently, the cuts of meat from this region hold the largest volume of myoglobin, providing them with a redder color which turns a rich brown color when cooked.

Benefits of Both Dark & White Chicken Meat | Bring Home The Bacon 

Taste and Flavor Of Dark Meat

Dark meat's flavour is more robust and gamey than white meat, and this is in part because of the movement of the muscles as well as the many chemicals, proteins, and fats that develop in the muscle tissue. Additionally, the taste of dark meat is a bit juicier and fattier than white meat.

Taste and Flavour Of White Meat

The taste of white meat tends to be drier than dark meat and can be bland if it is not seasoned properly. While there are some ways to add moisture and flavour to this cut of meat people tend to prefer dark meat because it stays tender and juicy, unlike white meat which becomes tough and stringy if overcooked.

Benefits of White and Dark Meat

From a broad spectrum, chicken is considered to be an excellent source of protein that is good for heart health and contains compounds like phosphorous and selenium. The difference between white and dark meat lies in its calorie count and the abundance of nutrients present in the cut of meat. White meat is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals and has a lower calorie count than dark meat.

In contrast, dark meat may be healthier than previous schools of thought have suggested. New research discovered the nutrient taurine found in copious amounts in the dark meat of poultry, remarkably decreased the chance of developing coronary heart disease in women with high cholesterol.

Furthermore, dark meat contains a greater concentration of iron than white meat, as well as larger amounts of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and B12 which are required for important bodily functions.

Benefits of Both Dark & White Chicken Meat | Bring Home The Bacon

Take Away

Whether you are a fan of dark meat or white chicken meat they are both full of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. If you are health-conscious chicken breast is your best option, however, if you prefer something a little juicier and flavourful choose chicken drumsticks or chicken thighs!