What is a Striploin / Strip Steak?

What is a Striploin / Strip Steak?

A classic in every steakhouse, the strip steak, commonly called striploin, New York strip steak, or Kansas City strip steak, is rated with superior cuts of beef such as the tenderloin steak, porterhouse, or T-bone steak. But what is a striploin steak and what are you putting into your body?

What is a Striploin / Strip Steak? | Bring Home The Bacon

What Is A Striploin / Strip Steak?

The main muscle in the strip loin is the longissimus dorsi, which is also the central muscle in the ribeye steak. This muscle runs from the hip bone and keeps on going all the way up to the shoulder blade. The strip steak is fabricated from the short loin primal, has the tenderloin removed, and is comprised of a muscle that is hardly worked, making this cut especially tender.

Considering they are usually a singular muscle, strip steaks do not contain significant amounts of connective tissue or fat which are largely located within the muscles. However, strip steaks possess ample quantities of marbling, which not only provides flavor but as the marbling melts during cooking it gives the steak a healthy dose of moisture.

Furthermore, the ratio of marbling is one of the major features used to determine which cuts of beef are deemed a quality class of meat. What’s more, is marbling is usually synonymous with superior quality. When it comes to striploin steak, marbling ranks it with the higher-end costly cuts of beef. However, in contrast to the tenderloin, the short loin is a decent sized muscle, enabling it to be fashioned into bigger servings.

Benefits Of Strip Steak

What is a Striploin / Strip Steak? | Bring Home The Bacon

As we all know it is important to be aware of what we place into our bodies and the potential benefits and risks that come along with a particular food. Luckily, the strip steak is packed full of nutrients making it perfect for any diet like the keto or paleo diet. Strip steak is a solid source of protein which is necessary for the growth of bones, tissues, and muscles, as well as performing a function in monitoring metabolism.

Strip steaks are loaded with vitamins such as niacin, vitamin. B12, and vitamin B-6. These vitamins assist the body with producing red blood cells, boosting the immune system and nervous system functioning.

Beef is the largest source of the mineral zinc in your diet. Zinc is required for general growth and development. Moreover, it also has a hand in cognitive functioning and managing the appetite. in addition to helping to expedite the healing process, and supporting a healthy immune system.

Iron is an essential nutrient for the growth of healthy red blood cells and plays a vital part in providing oxygen to the body's cells and tissues. It is also a vital element required for a healthy developing brain as well as a critical ingredient in the diet of pregnant women.

What is a Striploin / Strip Steak? | Bring Home The Bacon

Take Away 

Whether you call it striploin, strip steak, or New York strip steak, this steak definitely runs with the big dogs. A less expensive option for consumers this steak is tender, juicy, and worth every penny.