What is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu Beef is like the gold rush of the steak world. Everybody wants a piece of wagyu beef. Rightfully so, wagyu deserves a lane of its own. Filled with buttery, succulent, tender beef, nothing can be compared to the taste of this delicious luxurious cut of wagyu beef. Still, to truly savour the taste of this decadent delicacy, you must understand what wagyu beef is.

What is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef?

Essentially wagyu is a horned breed of cattle that is black or red in color. Originally derived from indigenous Asian cattle, wagyu is a Japanese breed of beef cattle breed. Wagyu applies to all Japanese beef cattle; specifically, the prefix Wa translates to Japanese, and the suffix gyu refers to a cow. Although wagyu refers to a Japanese cow, it does not refer to just any cow. Wagyu is limited to one of 4 specific genotypes: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Polled.

Where Did Wagyu Beef Originate?

Formerly draft animals, due to their physical endurance, Wagyu cattle were used heavily in the agricultural world. This collection of highly coveted animals has larger amounts of intra-muscular fat cells called marbling, which served as a steady energy source.

Once wagyu became highly sought after, the Japanese Government began safeguarding the national treasure by halting wagyu cattle's exportation to other countries in 1977, leading to the scarcity of wagyu worldwide.


Wagyu Lands On Australian Shores

Nevertheless, some embryos and live cattle had already been shipped from Japan and landed on the US's shores. Later, Australia got their hands on its first wagyu samples in the first half of the 1990s. Following this, Australian wagyu beef farmers drastically increased their cattle figures, making them one of the top producers of wagyu next to Japan. 

Wagyu Lands On American Shores 

Likewise to Australia, America received its first Wagyu cattle in 1976 when 4 Japanese Wagyu bulls were exported to the United States. From 1994 and 1997, fewer than 200 Fullblood Wagyu were transported from Japan to the U.S. Two Japanese Red Bulls called Judo and Rueshaw and two Japanese Black bulls called Mazda and Mt. Fuji were crossbred with female Angus cattle as well as other Continental breeds. Additionally, in 1993, 3 Japanese Black females were imported which gave rise to the first pure Wagyu breed in the United States.

How Does American Wagyu Taste 

American Wagyu is regarded as the most exquisite beef in all the American land. Even though Waygu is graded as USDA Prime, it dominates the top spot on all Prime graded beef lists. These thoroughbred Wagyu are crossbred with traditional beef cattle strains to create the signature American Wagyu Beef flavour. American wagyu is the perfect combination of Wagyu's rich marbling and hearty American beef flavor, giving it an out of this world flavour. Thanks to its intramuscular fat that renders at a lower temperature, American wagyu results in a rich, buttery flavour you will never forget. o get our fill of ready to cook wagyu visit our store!


Wagyu beef is the elite of the steak world! Sporting its beautiful marbling, it's almost as rich as gold. Luckily its delicious buttery flavour tastes way better than gold!