What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb

What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb

Australian White Sheep is a unique brand of sheep that are bred without any hair. This breed of sheep has gained popularity because they are low maintenance, but they produce high-grade meat. White meat has become prized for its incredible flavour and high levels of intramuscular fat.

Where did White Stripe Australian lamb come from? 

Australian White stripe was developed using a Second Cross breeding program. First Merino Ewe sheep was crossbred with Border Leicester. The crossbred sheep was then bred with a European Leicester Ram creating the White Strip lamb we know and love today.

White Stripe Lamb is produced with large eye muscles and it is larger than most lamb breeds. White stripes weigh about 24-kilo range. Farmers change feeding schedules The Lambs feed on clover, lucerne, or ryegrass pastures. Farmers change feeding schedules to make certain the lambs reach their goal weight within the specified time frame and they consume enough protein. Additionally, White Stripe Lamb is aged 30-40 days. This helps to generate the marbling and delectable flavour that Australian White Stripe Lamb is known for.

What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb

What makes it unique?

Australian White Strip Lamb is versatile. Whether it is roasted, stewed, curried, grilled whatever the occasion White Strip lamb is a flavourful addition to your menu. 

In addition to being a delectable cut of meat, it is low in cholesterol and high in monounsaturated fats. Lamb is prized because it is an element of a healthy diet. Lamb helps to maintain your muscle mass and it can play a major role in muscle capacity. The amino acid beta-alanine is found in lamb. Your body uses this amino acid to generate carnosine, an essential element required for muscle functioning. 

Meat is regarded as the greatest dietary source of protein. Lamb is a complete protein and contains the 9 essential amino acids. It helps you preserve muscle mass. A lack of protein can speed up the onset and deterioration of age-related wasting. 

What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb

Cuts of Lamb

There are five basic cuts of lamb. Shoulder, foreshank, rib, loin, and flank are the major cuts of lamb. These cuts are further broken down into the cuts of meat we buy at the grocery store or digital merchants. Cuts available on the market are: 

  • Lamb Shank: Lamb shank is located above the knee joint and underneath the legs. It is cut from the forequarter and the leg and severed at the joint that attaches the shank to the shoulder or leg bone. To maximize the full flavour of your lamb shank, braise it or cook it in a crockpot to get tender meat that falls off the bone and tastes delicious. 
  • Leg Lamb Roast: Leg Lamb Roast is cut from the leg with the chump still attached to it. The meat is then butterflied and the bone is removed. Lamb Leg Roast is best cooked barbequed. 
  • Lamb Loin Chops: Cut from the lamb loin. Loin Lamb Chops equivalent to Porterhouse steaks. Lamb chops are one of the most tender cuts of meat on the animal. This thick cut of meat is best cooked grilled or broiled. 
  • Lamb Rack (Frenched): Lamb rack is cut from the front section of the animal close to the rib and the top portion of the flap. The rack consists of the backbone, rib bones, and rib-eye muscle. Rack of Lamb usually comes frenched with the meat removed from the end of the rib so the bone is displayed. Delicious, succulent, and moist when it is roasted. 

Cooking methods for Australian White Stripe Lamb

The method you use to cook your lamb determines whether you have a positive or negative result. It is best to choose lean cuts of lamb and use low-fat cooking techniques like braising, stewing, roasting, broiling, and grilling. 

What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb

Grilling or Broiling White Stripe Lamb

Choose lean cuts of meat that are not too thick. If the cut of meat is too thick it will result in uneven cooking as the outside will cook before the inside does. Loin lamb chops, tenderloin, lamb burgers, or kebabs are perfect for grilling or broiling. Leg lamb roast can also be grilled since it is butterflied to provide even thickness. 

If you have thin cuts of lamb, place meat near the source of heat. Thick cuts of meat have longer cooking times and should be placed further away from the heat source. If you place thick cuts of meat on the hot side of your grill the outside of the meat will char before the inside is properly cooked. Flip your meat when halfway through the cooking process and use tongs to prevent the meat from becoming pierced by your cooking utensils. 

Roasting White Stripe Lamb

Roasting lamb will ensure your cut of meat is juiciness while minimizing shrinkage. Roast your lamb at high heat during the whole cooking process to get a beautiful crusty brown exterior. If you are using a large cut of lamb avoid using this method. The exterior of the lamb will dry out and burn before the interior is finished cooking. 

Another way to roast lamb is to start the cooking process at 450°F to brown your meat then reduce the temperature to 325°F until the meat is finished cooking. To keep your meat from drying out, massage it with oil before you roast it or baste the meat with the juices that are released while the meat is cooking. 

The only way to ensure your lamb is finished cooking is to use a meat thermometer. Insert your meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, be careful not to hit the fat or the bone. When your thermometer reads 145°F it is finished cooking. 


White Strip Australian Lamb is a unique and flavourful cut of meat. No matter how it is cooked you will end up with a tender and flavourful product.

What is White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb