Chilean Crab Meat

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Our Chilean Crab Meat is packed from fresh cooked claw, knuckle, and crab arm meat. Preservative-free and additive-free, Chilean rock crab meat has a naturally sweet, briny flavour of the sea, similar to Dungeness crab, without paying those premium prices! Chilean Crab Meat is a great high quality economical substitute for expensive crab meat, with similar flavour. Crab cakes, salads-- this crab meat provides a convenient and delicious protein for any dish!

Details about our Chilean Crab Meat

  • Already-cooked, frozen
  • Wild caught, sustainable seafood
  • All natural, no additives or preservatives
  • Pasteurized for enhanced food safety
    Lower water content than most other crab meat packs for better recovery

    Benefits of eating Chilean Crab Meat

    • Versatile, convenient
    • Great source of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids
    • High in vitamins B12 and folate
    • Good source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc

    Chilean Crab Meat Nutrition

    per 3oz of Chilean Crab Meat

    • Calories 74
    • Protein 15.4g
    • Fat 0.9g
    • Carbs 0


    Please Read:

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    Why choose us?

    We are passionate about Food & We Know Food

    As professional chefs with experience in some of Vancouver's top restaurants, we know our food. We curate the highest, restaurant-quality meat and seafood, delivered conveniently to your door. And the best part? This will be the BEST value for the quality you are getting.

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