Tomahawk Steak

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Nothing will make you feel more alive than eating a thick, juicy Tomahawk steak.  Tomahawk steaks come with a long bone still attached, that gives the steak it’s signature rich and buttery flavour. Tomahawk steaks are cut from the rib section of the cow, which naturally results in an incredibly tender and marbled cut of meat. We highly recommend our Tomahawk if you are in the mood for a tender, premium steak.

Details about our Tomahawk Steak 

We source our premium restaurant-quality steaks from the Northern Gold program. Northern Gold is a collective of Canadian ranching families from Alberta, Canada who are committed to daily excellence, and ethical decision and farming practices towards animal care and feed. This results in 100% grade-certified beef that is the finest in breed and selection. With uncompromising quality standards, Northern Gold is reserved for discerning chefs and fine grocers who have a passion and respect for the attention to detail required to provide a memorable experience – every time.


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